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Which Nose for Witch?

Halloween is nearly here and there are lots of spooky stories for little ones to enjoy. One we've been sent recently is the fantastic Which Nose for Witch - a fun Halloween read with a sweet message at its heart.

Grizelda was born with a cute button nose, but now she's older it's time to go shopping with her mum for a grown-up witch one. But the witch noses Griz tries all give her issue eating ice cream, or make her sneeze. Perhaps she doesn't need a new nose to be a grown up witch after all.

Which Nose for Witch is full of laugh our loud moments and plenty of silly illustrations. It's such a fun concept and children will really enjoy looking at all of the noses on display and wondering which Griz will pick. However, this story also explores themes of accepting yourself and not changing for others.

Thank you Maverik Publishing for sending us a copy to review.

Which Nose for Witch? is written by David Crosby and illustrated by Carolina Coroa


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