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Where Has All the Cake Gone?

Cheeky penguins, skiing kangaroos and a giant jar of marmalade - this book really does have it all!

Albert's dad has baked a cake, but now it's all been eaten! Can Albert explain what happened - and why he's covered in cake? Albert says it's a long story, that starts with a visit from some jet-setting penguins...

We LOVED this story, which was so much fun to read from beginning to end. Albert's tale becomes wilder and wilder (and is he forgetting some of the details as he goes?) and is guaranteed to have children laughing throughout. From train trips to camel rides, holidaying kangaroos to four hundred and twelve snowmen, this picture book is filled with hilariously far-fetched scenarios.

And at the end, Dad's cake may be gone, but Albert is more than happy to help him bake another. Hopefully the penguins won't get their hands on this one...

With a bright, bold colour scheme and illustrations full of fun and crazy adventures, this book will make you smile from the first page to the last.

Does Albert just have a brilliant imagination, or were those cheeky penguins really in his kitchen? This book might read like a very far-fetched excuse, but it's impossible to be sure thanks to a clever final page!

I will definitely be buying this as a birthday present in the near future - it's far too much fun not to share and the cake-filled subject matter makes it perfect too!

Where Has All the Cake Gone is written by Andrew Sanders and illustrated by Aysha Awwad.

Thank you Macmillan for sending us a copy to review.


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