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Twin Crowns

Updated: May 14, 2022

This wonderful dual narrative story hooked me from the first page.

In a world where magic is a death-sentence, two twins separated at birth must fight for a crown that each believes is rightfully theres.

Wren has grown up with the witches, raised to steal her sister's identity and take back the throne, bringing an end to the brutal treatment of her friends and family. But palace life comes with unexpected twists and dangers, and becoming Queen won't be as straightforward as she expects.

Princess Rose knows nothing of her sister's existence, or the plots against her. But she does know that Eana is hers to rule and no one - not even her twin - is going to change that.

I loved both girls and their story lines. I pre-ordered the beautiful Waterstones Rose edition and am still really pleased with that choice after reading (although I think I should convince my sister to order the Wren version so we have a set between us!)

Twin Crows had everything I want from a YA fantasy: great romances, plenty of magic and in-depth world building. Eana is filled with legends, curses, secrets and lies, and I loved the way this world unfolded. There was also an adorable fluffy, loyal wolf.

Despite the newness of their connection, Rose and Wren have an excellent sibling dynamic, filled with both love and arguments.

The writing is brilliant, the individual story strands woven together seamlessly, with plenty of mirroring between the girls' narratives. It's cinematic (I could definitely see this as a film), filled with action and vivid descriptions. The ending has left me desperate for the next book.

I was provided with an advanced copy for review via NetGalley.


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