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Turtle Rescue

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

A seaside adventure about keeping beaches clean and safe for turtles.

Explorers, Flora, Fauna and their young son Bud are enjoying a relaxing holiday on the beach. But there's a worrying amount of rubbish and locals are reporting a decline in turtle numbers. The family set out to investigate. Can they discover where the turtles have gone? And why are there so many jellyfish in the water?

This story was a huge hit with my four year old, who asked for it three times on the day it arrived. We both loved the bright, engaging artwork and tactile, embossed cover. There were so many tiny details on each page, with lots of underwater facts about the animals the family encounter. The flaps and peep-through holes were another great touch - a lot of thought has gone into the design of this picture book and it really works.

I really hope this is the start of a series, with another story with these characters and in this style to come. I know at least one four year old who would be desperate to read it!

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy for review.

Turtle Rescue is written by Jonny Marx and illustrated by Xuan Le


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