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There's No Big Bad Wolf in This Story

Being the villain of two fairytales is hard work! The Big Bad Wolf is always running late and he's fed up with all the other characters being cross with him. He can't be at Granny's house and terrorising the three little pigs at the same time, and if Granny, Little Red and the pigs don't understand that, then they'll have to do their stories without him. But that's okay, because fairytales don't really need a Big Bad Wolf, do they?

This funny story offers a fresh twist on a number of well loved fairytales, with cameo appearances from the gingerbread man and a wicked witch. Allwright's illustrations are bright and sweet, from grumpy pigs to pretty houses. The layouts were interesting too, with winding paths for wolf to race across and a 'story book' at the beginning and end.

My children giggled at the characters attempts to replace the wolf, which don't go nearly as well as they hope! This is a fun picture book which can be enjoyed again and again.

I was provided with an advanced copy for review on NetGalley.

There's No Big Bad Wolf in This Story is written by Lou Carter and illustrated by Deborah Allwright


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