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Theodora Hendrix and the Curious Case of the Cursed Beetle

Filled with monsters, mayhem and magnificent illustrations, Theodora Hendrix and the Curious Case of the Cursed Beetle is just as much fun as book one and would make a brilliant Halloween purchase.

After breaking rule number one, Theodora Hendrix and the MLM are due a visit from a formidable inspector who will scrutinise every inch of the building to make sure no more rule breaking is occurring. With a party full of definitely-against-the-rules humans planned for Halloween and some strange occurrences in the curse-breaking room (which Theodora definitely isn't meant to be inside. On her own. On multiple occasions), what could possibly go wrong?

I really loved this book and think it will be a huge hit with young readers - I'll be picking up a physical copy for my seven year old once it's out. It's full of comedy and creepiness, with a fantastic cast of characters and plenty of dramatic moments.

The illustrations add to the comedy and fun of the text, bringing the monsters vividly to life but without them feeling too scary.

There are some 'monstrous' human characters too, in the form of Theodora's mean headmistress - a reminder that it's not always mummies and vampires that readers should be afraid of.

I enjoyed all the hints about Theodora's past in this book, and I'm hoping this is going to be explored more in the next book, as I have so many questions and theories!


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