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The Summer Job

Summery and fun with a gorgeous setting including a lovely hotel and lots of wine!

Birdy Finch is is jobless and temporarily homeless when her best friend Heather leaves on a last minute holiday, asking Birdy to let her new hotel job know that she won't be able to make it. Seeing a solution to her problems, as well as the opportunity for a summer get-away of her own, Birdy decides to pose as Heather and take the job instead. What she expects to be a laid back, wine-filled few weeks away becomes a lot more complicated when she discovers the cosy Scottish hotel is in the midst of a Michelin star fuelled renovation, and they're expecting Birdy to be a top class sommelier!

Birdy moves from one disastrous decision to the next in a narrative that never fails to entertain. The Summer Job's beautiful Scottish setting will leave you desperate for a Highland getaway (and a trip to a fancy restaurant once it's allowed again!)

This novel has excellent romance, of course, but also some brilliant friendships. I loved the bonds Birdy makes with her new colleagues (as well as the crazy complications of becoming friends with someone who thinks you are somebody else).

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