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The Secret Forest

Explore a very special forest in this stunning picture book which celebrates wildlife and the natural world.

Every page of The Secret Forest is packed full of interesting animals for children to hunt for. The text encourages them to search, asking how many frogs they can see, and if they can spot a lost duckling. There are even more interactive elements in the form of wolf howls and so much to spot that isn't hinted about in the text. You could spend an entire story time exploring just one page and still miss something.

The text itself is gentle and calming, making this a good bedtime story to wind down to at the end of a busy day. There's a mindfulness element to the searching and counting which encourages children to feel peaceful (assuming they don't get too carried away with the wolf howls!)

The final few pages are packed with facts about some of the larger animals in the text, with accurate scientific vocabulary for babies animals, groups and homes, making this picture book a great learning opportunity too.

Thank you Scholastic for sending me a copy to review.

The Secret Forest is written and illustrated by Sandra Dieckmann


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