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The Royal Rebel

A fascinating story about an often overlooked historical figure. I learnt so much about the suffragette movement reading this brilliant book Barrington Stoke book.

Sophia is a princess like no other. Descended from Indian royalty, but brought up in England under the careful watch of the British, she spends much of her early life feeling adrift, truly at home in neither country. A chance encounter with a suffragette turns her into a royal rebel, campaigning for women's right to vote, never shying from difficult or dangerous situations.

Throughout the book, Sophia is exploring the question of where she belongs. While she does so, she devotes her life to helping others and fighting for their rights.

From the very first chapter, The Royal Rebel explores themes of colonialism and women's rights. It would be a brilliant addition to any classroom as it's full of topics for discussion.

I also loved the illustrations at the bottom and the way they changed as the story progressed.

Thank you Barrington Stoke for sending me an advanced copy for review.

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