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The Rise of the Altereds

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

President Bear has been defeated, but the altered nightmare is far from over. If Silver is going to save her mother from evil scientist Earl, she will first need to learn to control a dark new power - before it puts everyone she cares about in danger.

The fast-paced sequel to The Unadjusteds is as gripping as book one. The action doesn't stop coming and the events of this story fly by. Noelle's writing has a cinematic quality; I thought book one would make an amazing film franchise and The Rise of the Altereds has cemented this view.

The novel has a brilliant cast of characters, who all bring their own dramas and heartbreaks (and some devastating twists!) All of my favourites who survived book one were back, and the new characters were great too (and a certain new character from the final chapters already seems like they're going to create a lot of drama in book three...)

I love the way Noelle includes mental health in her stories. Silver's panic attacks never detract from her ability to lead or be a hero, which is one of my favourite things about this series, and was also something I loved in The Shadow Keepers.


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