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The Mystery of the Golden Pyramid

When Sophie first enters her new house, she's in for a surprise - a dog is waiting for her, along with a casket that will take her on an exciting and important adventure, filled with Egyptian gods, talking hieroglyphs and an ancient king in trouble.

This is a delightful lift-the-flap picture book which transports young readers into an Ancient Egyptian adventure. There are puzzles, riddles and plenty of surprises to uncover throughout. We love the shiny gold cover too.

The artwork is wonderful, bringing Sophie's adventure to life in a burst of colour and pattern. This picture book has been thoughtfully designed - we really enjoyed the little 'Egyptian Kings' book and Sophie's exciting journey through the inner chambers of a pyramid.

It's a story young children will want to return to again and again (as has definitely been the case in our house!)

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy to review.

The Mystery of the Golden Pyramid is written by Adela Norean and illustrated by Aaron Cushley


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