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The Luminaries

The Luminaries left me with such a book hangover! It was so great that for days after I finished, I kept going to pick it back up before remembering that I'd already got to the end. I am SO looking forward to book two.

Winnie Wednesday's life dream is to join the Luminaries and spend her nights destroying nightmarish monsters. But Winnie and her family have been shunned as traitors ever since her father betrayed Hemlock Falls, which means no training, no support, and no easy access to the hunter trials. If she's going to pass the trials and become a Luminary, she'll have to contend with more than monsters - an even bigger challenge than she expects given the new monster stalking the forest that only she has seen. Can she fulfil her dream, redeem her family and convince everyone that she's not making up the most deadly monster Hemlock Falls has ever seen, all while fighting for her life?

I've been a long-time subscriber to Dennard's newsletter for her brilliant writing advice, but this is actually the first novel of hers that I've read (a few of the others have been waiting very patiently in the tbr pile on my kindle...) I'm absolutely going to have to rectify that this year because I loved The Luminaries so much! It was packed full of brilliant world building, non-stop action, tension and really high stakes. It also had brilliant characters who were flawed and made mistakes, with plenty of secrets still left to uncover in the next book.

My Netgalley file was corrupted and kept skipping pages but I was so invested in what I had read that I went and bought the ebook so that I could keep reading.


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