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The Last Firefox

This brilliant Middle-Grade story celebrates friendship, family and finding your inner fire.

Charlie isn't very good at being brave. When his dads tell him their exciting news about adopting a new baby brother or sister, Charlie struggles to feel excited. It's not that he doesn't want his family to grow - he just isn't sure how he could possibly be a good big brother when he can't even stand up to the class bullies. But when a magical encounter at a ruined castle leaves Charlie looking after a very special house-guest, Charlie learns that it's easy to be brave when you're defending those you love.

The Last Firefox is a fast paced, fun fantasy adventure, with high stakes and plenty of drama! Adorable firefox, Cadno, was really entertaining, causing accidental havoc where ever he went, and brought to life in this novel's sweet illustrations.

It's also extremely relatable, covering topics like moving schools, standing up to bullies and changes at home.

Charlie's friendship with Roo and Lippy was really strong, and I loved that this is a fantasy story where the adult characters aren't completely oblivious to what's going on!

I think this is a Middle Grade novel readers are going to LOVE this Spring.

Thank you Puffin for letting me review an advanced copy on NetGalley.


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