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The Lamplighters

Dark, intriguing and impossible to predict. This novel is unmissable.

Out on a tower light house, three lighthouse keepers vanish without a trace. The door is locked from the inside, the table has been laid for an uneaten meal, and the clocks have stopped. Two decades later, as those left behind still struggle to come to terms with what might happened, a young writer sets out to unravel the mystery.

The narrative jumps back and forth between the men on the tower and the women on shore. Despite multiple timelines, protagonists and writing styles, this novel flows effortlessly. Every character is of central importance, with their own story to tell and secrets to spill.

It's so hard for a story like this to have a satisfying conclusion, because you work through so many different theories as you read. The Lamplighters, however, met my every expectation. It really was superb.

It was so difficult to guess what was going to happen next and there were plenty of twists, but the narrative never felt too far fetched, or the conclusion a stretch.


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