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The House at the Edge of Magic

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

When Nine steals a tiny model house, she's just trying to find something of value to keep Pockets off her case. She doesn't expect the house to swell to an impossible size when she knocks on the door, or a troll to answer it and beckon her inside. And she definitely doesn't expect to end up trying to break the curse that keeps the houses' inhabitants trapped within its walls - inhabitants who, along with Eric the troll, are a hopscotch champion wizard and a talking, kilt-wearing spoon. But no matter how magical the world, or eccentric its inhabitants, Nine is determined not to be dragged any further into the house's madness than necessary. And she definitely isn't there to make friends.

In The House at the Edge of Magic, nothing is as it seems: the toilet won't stay in one place, the books in the library are deadly (before you even have a chance to read them) and there's a talking skeleton in the closet. Oh, and don't even think about making a cup of tea - unless you want jelly for a head or to hang momentarily from the ceiling, that is. There is no limits to this world's craziness, making this an incredibly fun book which children will love.

The characters are hilarious too - this is a found family readers will desperately wish they could be part of (cursed house aside).

The House at the Edge of Magic is a fun, magical and entirely unpredictable story which children will love.

I was sent a copy of The House at the Edge of Magic for review via NetGalley.


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