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The Friendly Mammoth

Mansi loves going to her local museum, but she wishes she had a friend to go with. When she's whisked off on a magical, prehistoric adventure she discovers just how important friendship can be.

This is a lovely, gentle story about new friends and natural history. It offers young readers an exciting way to learn about prehistoric animals, as well as exploring the threat of extinction facing animals today. It shows that everyone can make a difference by using their own special skills.

Terreros-Martin's illustrations are what make this book really special. They are full of soft colours and beautiful skies, and her woolly mammoths are cuddly and adorable!

I used this book during a Rainbows meeting where we created our own cave paintings (pictured above) and it provided some brilliant inspiration, brining the topic to life. The girls loved Mansi and her adventure, and were keen to discuss the extinct animals at the back of the book as well.

Thank you David Fickling Books for sending me a copy to review.

The Friendly Mammoth is written and illustrated by Anna Terreros-Martin


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