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The Flip Side

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Josh's new year doesn't get off to the best of starts. Turned down by his girlfriend when he proposes on the London Eye on New Year's Eve, he loses his relationship, his job and his flat in less time than it take for the wheel to rotate (cue one very awkward private capsule). Deciding that he can't be trusted to make decisions anymore, Josh decides to leave this year to chance - making every decision with the flip of a coin. Can fate help him find a new job, a home that isn't with his parents, and a relationship that isn't ruined by missing wallets or unwanted dinner guests? More importantly, can it help him #FindSunflowerGirl?

The Flip Side is a fun, heartwarming read with a cute romance and a great hook.

There are more awkward, laugh-out-loud moments than I could possibly count, making this an entertaining read from beginning to end. There's also romance, heartbreak and trips to European bookshops, as well as plenty of appearances from Van Gough's Sunflowers (which I now kind of want to see all five public versions of... I think this book may prove more expensive than its RRP!)

I loved Josh's friends, Jake and Jessie, their quiz nights (this novel is also full of a lot of interesting facts), and Josh's wonderful (and incredibly embarrassing) family.

The Flip Side is a reminder that life is short, and that sometimes you have to trust your instincts and take a plunge into the unknown - even if that does mean spending all of your money searching across Europe for a girl you don't even know the name of!

I was provided with an advanced copy of The Flip Side to review.


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