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The Earth Book

We have been slowly exploring this brilliant non-fiction title from Little Tiger of the past few weeks, reading a double page spread each morning. There's always so much to talk about while we're reading, and it's been nice to savour each topic in turn. My eight-year-old is fascinated by science and particularly space, so we've had some brilliant conversations about everything from the formations of planets to the centre of the Earth.

The Earth Book is a must-read resource for teaching children about our planet, its place in the universe, and the creatures and people who live here. Covering everything from storms to cities, I can see us returning to this again and again to help with homework, or just to answer some of those never-ending 'why...' questions.

Everything is explained in clear, easy-to-understand language, although my daughter has also been introduced to plenty of tricker vocabulary while reading. Hegbrook's illustrations and diagrams really helped her understanding, and were a treat to explore too.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending us a copy to review.

The Earth Book is written by Jonathan Litton and illustrated by Thomas Hedgebrook


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