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The Deep-Sea Duke

Hugo, Dorian and Ada are heading to Dorian's home planet of Hydrox for an unforgettable holiday. But climate change brings a host of unexpected guests, whose presence - while welcome - threatens to upset the delicate ecosystem of this watery world.

Brilliant, unique characters you won't find anywhere else, along with fantastic world building. It's impressive how complete this world is given the short size of the book - epic worlds can be created in a hundred pages, you just need the talent of Lauren James to do so!

I love how clueless Hugo can be when it comes to reading signals, or understanding his importance in the life of others. His self-doubt will be really relatable to a lot of readers.

This books really made me smile, and lifted my spirits during lockdown. I'm sure it will do the same in school libraries and homes up and down the country.


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