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The Davenports

The Davenports is the second novel I've read this month with four protagonists, and as with Godkiller, I loved them all. Olivia, Helen, Amy-Rose and Ruby all faced different challenges and choices, their lives interwoven through family, friendship and love.

Olivia knows she is expected to marry, and she can think of no one more suitable than the rich and respectable Mr Lawrence, until she meets charismatic lawyer Washington DeWight, that is...

Her sister, Helen dreams of abandoning society's expectations and pursuing a career with cars. So why can't she stop thinking about her older sister's suitor?

Ruby's family may have fallen on hard times, but she has a plan to fix their financial future, and it involves Olivia and Helen's older brother John. But her plot to make John jealous might backfire when her own heart gets tangled in it.

Amy-Rose, Olivia and Helen's maid and childhood friend, has big dreams to open her own salon, and she's not going to let anyone get in her way - not even when John, her childhood crush, suddenly seems to notice her.

The Davenports would be brilliant on screen and I hope someone is working on a film or TV version - I loved these characters and need to see more from them! I'm also really excited for book two, as there are so many unfinished narrative threads that I'm desperate to know the conclusions to.

I was provided with an advanced copy for review on NetGalley.


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