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The Boys

A lovely accompaniment to the prize winning The Girls. This picture book follows a group of four boys from infancy to adulthood, as they navigate the changing challenges of friendship and growing older.

It's diverse, sweet and soft, reflecting a broad range of life experiences. It touches on the competitive attitudes that can sometimes complicate male friendships, and also the importance (and difficulty!) of sharing feelings and emotions with friends.

They may all have different skills, talents and interests, and grow up to love different lives, but all four boys come together to celebrate their successes and commiserate losses.

This picture book is so lovely that I teared up while reading (possibly the pregnancy hormones!) Both of my children have really enjoyed this story, so it's definitely not just for boys. It's one I can see us returning to again and again, alongside The Girls. I will also definitely be buying it as a gift for all future baby boy arrivals.

The art work is lovely, with bright rainbow colours and gorgeous beach backdrops. My children really enjoyed watching the boys grow on each page, pointing out how they'd changed.

Thank you so much Little Tiger for sending me a copy of The Boys to review.


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