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Summer Board Books: Touch and Learn Space

It's day two of my board book blog focus and today I want to talk about Touch and Learn: Space.

From astronomical alphabets to aspiring astronauts, space-themed books are always guaranteed to be a huge hit in my house and this one is a great board book for the littlest of readers.

The bright felt at the edge of the pages has encouraged my toddler to turn the pages herself, and the felt is continued inside with cut outs that explore scientific concept in simplified terms. Comets, gravity and the planets are all covered on this book's bright and busy pages.

Ever page also has a 'can you spot' box, making this book really interactive. I can see this book growing with my daughter - at the moment her focus is on that soft, colourful felt, but over the next few months we can start to spot things in the illustrations, and eventually begin to follow the words.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending us a copy to review


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