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Summer Board Books: Badger's Band

From supercats to bass playing badgers, we've been sent some brilliant board books over the past few months! Every day this week I'm going to share what we've loved about each of them.

Badger's Band

I've posted before about how much we enjoy the Acorn Wood stories. They're simple, engaging and fun to read. I usually know them off by heart within a week or two of starting a new one (useful when little hands get in the way of the text!)

Badger's Band is full of beloved characters from previous stories and a huge variety of musical instruments. Turn the pages to see them come together in a big, busy band. The musical instruments add an extra interactive element to this story, as you'll definitely want to join in making the sounds. I can see this one rivalling Fox's Socks and Rabbit's Nap for our favourite Acorn Wood story.

Thank you Macmillan Children's Books for sending us a copy to review

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