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This week is all about picture books! Five days, five different reviews, starting with Strong by Clara Anganuzzi, which was sent to us for review by Little Tiger.

This beautiful picture book celebrates being yourself, and teaches young children that being strong doesn't always mean being tough or scary.

Maurice is a dragon who doesn't fit in. While his big brother (and reigning 'Strongest Dragon' champion) Gruff breathes dazzling displays of fire, Maurice prefers to create bouquets of flowers. But when Gruff gets lost in a storm, it's Maurice and his flower arranging skills which come to the rescue, getting his big brother safely home and proving there's more than one way to be strong.

Clara Anganuzzi is without doubt one of my favourite children's illustrators. I loved Dear Earth and Strong is another visual treat from beginning to end. This picture book is filled with soft colours, spectacular bursts of flame and and some very sweet dragons.

Strong is definitely a picture book we will treasure for years to come.


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