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Stars and Smoke

How do you get access to an exclusive, high security party being hosted by a criminal mastermind? You send in the famous pop star headlining the guest list. From unlikely spy to their most valuable asset, can Winter Young work with veteran Sydney Cossette long enough to pull off the job of their careers? Or will the tension between them derail this mission before it even begins?

Stars and Smoke by Marie Lu was a fun YA with high stakes and plenty of tension. It's greatest strength was its brilliant protagonists - I loved Winter and Sydney. Winter was very believable as a superstar performer and I loved the on-stage moments. This novel also explores a complicated mother-son relationship, and found families, with both Winter and Sydney finding support from other adults, rather than their parents (I especially loved Claire, and the moments with Sauda and Niall were always brilliant!)

Of course, no spy novel would be complete without cool gadgets, high stakes and twists - of which there were plenty! I'm intrigued to see where it goes next (assuming/hoping there's more to come).


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