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Beautifully written, lyrical and atmospheric, Sistersong is an unmissable character-driven novel.

War is coming, magic is dying and three royal siblings find themselves at a crossroads of love, identity and family. With the land weakening alongside the spread of Christianity, and the threat of the Saxons drawing ever closer, all three will have to make difficult choices about how they live their lives and how they see themselves.

Sistersong's trio of protagonists were wonderful, intricate and complex. I loved their individual journeys, their growth and the bond between them. All three brought something different to the narrative and I was never disappointed when the viewpoint shifted (which is always a sign all the characters are strong!)

Holland uses pagan festivals to mark the passage of time through the novel, linking its events with the changing of the seasons and dwindling festivities, as once crucial rites are replaced with Christian sermons.

I loved how storytelling was also woven throughout, as well as the magical interludes. Each of these narrative threads provided intrigue and relief as Sistersong built towards its heartbreaking final act. It is a novel that will stay with me long after the final page, and I'm looking forward to whatever Holland writes next.

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