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Shipwreck Island

Struan Murray's Shipwreck Island is a fantastic second instalment in this epic middle grade adventure.

Ellie and Seth have escaped the city, but that doesn't mean they have escaped the dangers it contains, or the Enemy himself. Their journey to a new island brings a new divinity and new challenges to overcome.

On Shipwreck Island they find hunger, unrest and a goddess with the power to spark life, and perhaps destroy the Enemy for good, in the body of a young queen. Ellie and Seth make new friends and new enemies, but there are also old secrets to be uncovered. Secrets which may change the face of their world forever.

There is a lot of tension in this novel - plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments as you wonder whether Ellie will give into the Enemy's persuasions. It is fast-paced and packed full of action.

I love Seth and Ellie's friendship. It has its ups and downs, but they are always there for each other. Woven throughout the action and adventure of Shipwreck Island is a story of what friendship means and how you can support those you care about.

As in book one, Manuel Šumberac's illustrations are unforgettable and help bring some of the most magical moments in this novel to life.

I was provided with an advanced copy of Shipwreck Island for review on NetGalley.


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