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Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is a lovely story about sibling relationships, celebrating your differences and getting along.

In a forest, seven very different sisters each live in their own treehouse. They spend time together throughout the day, but like to go back to their own spaces to practice their different skills, which cover everything from painting to engineering. One day, a huge new tree grows in the forest and each sister wants it for her own house. But the sisters are too different to share - acrobatics and tiny animals just aren't meant to mix. So they ask their aunt to judge a talent competition to determine who deserves to keep the new tree for their own. Will the competition ruin their relationship forever, or are some bonds strong enough to weather any storm?

I loved the beautiful illustrations in this book (especially the girls' colourful outfits and sweet expressions). This story quickly attracted the interest of my seven year old thanks to its beautiful cover and she read it in one sitting.

Each girl had a unique talent and character and contributed to the story in her own way. Their interests were as diverse as the girls themselves, and this is a story young female readers will easily be able to see themselves in.

The tense sibling relationships in this story will feel familiar to lot of readers who have spent too much time at home over the past year! But they can also apply to friendships, classroom dynamics and wider society, gently teaching readers the importance of getting along with others, even when they seem quite different to themselves.

Seven Sisters is written by Ayisha Malik and illustrated by Erica Meza

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy to review.


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