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Please Write Soon

I've been saving my review of this special story until close to Remembrance Day. With £1 from every sale going to the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy.

Set in 1946, this touching story follows two cousins during World War II. Solly's school project consists of letters he and his cousin Bernie swapped during the war, showing both the life of a soldier and a child who was evacuated. As a result, it covers a huge range of topics which make for great conversation starters - from unexploded bombs (and the dangers of playing near them) to soap rationing.

Through Bernie and Solly's letters, Please Write Soon explores the horrors of war in a way that is sensitive and appropriate for its target audience. It is difficult to read in places - Bernie is Jewish and from Poland and fights in the Battle of Monte Cassino - but there are also unexpected moments of humour, through characters like Wojtek the bear.

Michael Foreman's illustrations make clever use of red in otherwise black and white drawings and help bring Bernie and Solly's stories to life.

There is also an interesting and informative afterward, written by the Royal British Legion, which provides important historical context to events in the book.

Thank you so much to Scholastic for sending me a copy to review

Please Write Soon is written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Michael Foreman


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