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Not Now, Noor!

Not Now, Noor! is a beautiful and celebratory story about a little girl with an important question (and some very funny answers!)

Noor knows that lots of the women in her life wear a hijab, but she isn't sure why. Is Auntie Salma trying to avoid catching nits at school? Is Nanu an undercover secret spy? Everyone she asks is too busy to answer (or perhaps a bit embarrassed about Noor's assumption that they're hiding enormous ears under their hijab) until Noor finds the perfect person to answer her question.

This book is sweet and funny. Noor is a bright and engaging protagonist who made us laugh out loud with her imaginative suggestions. As well as being very entertaining, it's also a great book for explaining what a hijab is and who might wear one.

Thank you Puffin for sending us a copy to review.

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