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A chilling twist on One Hundred and One Nights, this Middle Grade story is perfect for readers who aren't afraid to sleep with the lights out.

When Alex sneaks out of his apartment in the middle of the night to dispose of his notebooks filled with scary stories, he becomes trapped in witch, Natacha's enchanted apartment. The only thing keeping her happy is his nightly scary stories, but he's running out, and he wants his freedom. Can he escape before reaching his final page?

Nightbooks is a story that celebrates being different, and a love of all things dark and macabre. On the face of it, Alex should love being thrown into the midst of his very own scary story, but when it's his own life at stake it's easy to let fear take over.

Nightbooks is filled with scary stories, tips on how to write, and plenty of moments to keep young readers on the edges of the seats. There's magic, fast-paced adventure and so many stories it's impossible not to become completely immersed in the world White creates.

Thank you Scholastic for sending me a copy to review.


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