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NetGalley Summer Reading Part One

Violet Made of Thorns

Violet is the Seer of a cursed kingdom, whose prophecies often come with a rather twisted version of the truth, thanks to the pressures of the expansion-hungry king. Her manipulative prophecies don't go down well with Prince Cyrus, a cursed prince who needs to find a bride in a hurry. But when Violet's dreams take on a darker tone, filled with monsters, roses and Cyrus himself, her loyalty to the king comes into conflict with her feelings for Cyrus, and her sense of self-preservation.

This is an enemies to lovers fantasy romance which kept me guessing throughout. I loved the romance in this and the characters were so much fun to read. Violet in particular was really complex, and I was never sure whether she was the hero of the novel, or about to become its villain (you'll have to read the novel to find out which - although it wouldn't surprise me if the answer isn't definitive until the end of the series!)

The Drowned Woods

Mer is the last living water diviner, and a valuable asset to anyone with a thirst for power. But Mer is determined to live life on her own terms, even if it means she is permanently on the run from the kingdom's cruel prince. When a figure from her past offers her a chance at real freedom, she decides to take it. But the magical heist she embarks on comes at a cost she may not be willing to pay.

The Drowned Woods is filled with twists and betrayals. It has a great cast of characters - including an unforgettable guild of thieves - and a well developed magic system. With vibes of Throne of Glass and Poison Study this is a must-read for fantasy fans.

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