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Mula and the Fly

Mula likes to sleep. In her dreams, she can do amazing things like hopping and standing on her head. Things she could never do while awake. Or could she? One clever little fly thinks that, with the help of some new yoga moves, she could be just as active awake as she can in her sleep.

Smietanka's bright artwork brings colour and fun to every page. Mula is orange and purple, with vibrant green and blue details - much more exciting than an ordinary tiger! And the backgrounds provide yet more colour. The font is bold and easy to read, with the occasional word in larger text which my children liked to get involved in reading.

The last few pages contain instructions for some child-friendly yoga poses, complete with pictures of Mula so that children can copy what she's doing. If, like my children, you ended up doing a lot of Cosmic Kids Yoga over lockdown, this makes a really great addition!

Mula and the Fly is a fun and funny introduction to yoga and staying active.

Thank you Little Cherry Publishing for sending me a copy to review

Mula and the Fly is written by Lauren Hoffmeier and illustrated by Ela Smietanka


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