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Moonchild: City of the Sun

With stunning narration and an immersive fantasy world, Moonchild: City of the Sun is a treat from beginning to end.

The jinni have been freed and the storm bird defeated, but the nights are growing longer and Amira and Farah fear they may soon becomes endless. But the Moonchildren refuse to sit back and let the magic they released destroy their world. Instead, the friends set out into the desert on an adventure filled with snakes, vanishing cities and, of course, the magic of storytelling.

Bushby expertly weaves stories within stories, creating an intricate and magical narrative which is reminiscent of the storytelling in One Thousand and One Nights. From memories to legends, City of the Sun is clear that everyone has a story to tell, and no story is ever truly over.

The strength of its narration means this story is perfect to read aloud - either at bedtime or in a classroom. But even reading it to yourself feels like the characters are speaking directly to you.

As in the first book, City of the Sun explores the power of emotion and the importance of letting yourself feel, even when those feeling scare you.

I was provided with an advanced copy for review via NetGalley


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