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MG Witchcraft

Two of our favourite bedtime stories this year, featuring two very different witches.

Hedgewitch @skyemc_kenna published by @welbeckkids

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers who recommended this one - I might not have found it without your posts. Hedgewitch is cosy witchcraft story featuring Brownie-pack like covens and sinister faerie adversaries. When Cassie runs away from school to find her missing mother, she never expects to find a family who didn't know she existed, a town where anyone can become a witch, and The Hedge - a wood so deep and so sinister, it leads to an entirely different world.

Witchlings by @claribel_ortega

Thank you @scholastic_uk for sending us this one to review. From its stunning cover to its superb plot, The Witchlings is everything you could possibly want from MG Fantasy. There were so many twists and turns, great stakes and a trio of Witchlings readers will desperately want to join. We laughed throughout thanks to the brilliant (and frog filled) world building, as well as staying on the edges of our seats! A perfect magical world, where everyone is welcome.

My eight year old and I are now eagerly awaiting the sequels to both of these novels. If you have a child who loves stories about witchcraft, I cannot recommend these enough!


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