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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A timely feminist retelling of Medusa.

Violated by one God, cursed by another, medusa and her sisters live a life of solitude on an otherwise deserted island. When a boat arrives one morning, bringing a boy with a shield and sword to the shore, Medusa doesn't know what to expect. Is Perseus a friend or foe? Will he look past her 'monstrous' appearance to see the girl within? Or is it Medusa who needs to change the way she sees herself?

Burton's beautiful language that takes you deep inside Medusa's thoughts and Lomenech Gill's stunning illustrations bring myth vividly to life.

Medusa's snakes are not just a descriptive element of her 'monstrous' reputation, but characters themselves, with names and personalities.

Tension is used perfectly throughout, and Burton plays on the well known features of this myth to create twists in her own, fresh narrative.

Medusa is a story of self discovery, self acceptance and inner power. While it explores difficult themes, such as consent and violence against women, it is ultimately uplifting.


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