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Mad About You

Wedding photographer, Harriet, has no interest in getting married. When her boyfriend, Jon, proposes in front of his awful family she realises it's time to move on. With a flat share with equally wedding adverse Cal, an ex-boyfriend with a grudge, a group of girls who can take on the world (or a room filled with two hundred wedding guests, at least) this is guaranteed to be another McFarlane success!

I enjoyed this story so much, but unlike other McFarlane books, I would say this was Harriet's story rather than a rom-com. Throughout the novel, the romance came second to her development and growth as a character. This book is also filled with fantastic friendships (and one that is definitely not so great).

McFarlane's novels always pack a serious emotional punch. Mad About You offers a sensitive look at emotionally abusive relationships, internet 'cancel culture', and considering the agenda behind things you read on the internet before joining a pile on against someone who hasn't been able to share their side of the story.

Harriet was such a great character - I rooted for her from the beginning and loved seeing her growth.

Jon's family were brilliant in how absolutely terrible they were. Harriet's run ins with Jon's mum were always fun to read. I laughed a lot, as this book has so many hilarious and cringe-worthy moments!

I was provided with an advanced copy via NetGalley for review.

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