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Little Tiger Board Books

These adorable board books from Little Tiger are just right for sunny Spring days.

Looking for Mummy

I'm going to start with my favourite! Looking for Mummy contains a mix of sweet, pastel coloured illustrations and photographs of animals. I'm not usually a fan of blending illustrations with photos in children's books, but it works so well here that I'm going to have to rethink my aversion to it! The paper has a lovely tactile feel and the flaps are quite thick, which I think will make them a bit more robust. I loved how each page has a slightly different colour scheme and the onomatopoeia words make this fun to read aloud too. It's a very sweet book and would make a great mother's day present from young babies.

Hello, Bee

This touch, feel and reveal board book is bright and cheerful. Each page has colourful artwork, brightly coloured fold-down flaps and something tactile for little hands. It's not quite as robust as Looking for Mummy (my youngest has already managed to tear off a leaf!) but this is a fun, interactive board book with lots to look at and explore.

Toddle Take-Along: Nature

This clever board book is designed to be taken along on walks, or held in a pram. It's brightly coloured and has a really cute little handle. The illustrations are simple and eye catching, with labels to encourage little readers to look out for lots of exciting natural things in the world around them.


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