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Lies We Sing to the Sea

This clever reimagining kept me guessing until the very end.

When Odysseus eventually returned from Troy, twelve slave girls received brutal punishment at the hands of his son. But one girl wasn't willing to go without a fight, and the curse she enacts on Ithaca will cause thousands more deaths, for generations to come. To end the killings, twelve princes must first die in Poseidon's watery domain, at the hands of the girls they sentenced to death.

Lies We Sing to the Sea is a story of a brutal curse and unthinkable sacrifice. I always love a Greek retelling, and I liked that this was something a bit different - it was less a retelling, more a loosely linked sequel, taking a small feature from the very end of the Odyssey and turning it into a story of its own. I am especially interested in Greek retellings at the moment and will be reading a lot of them over the next few months, so expect a lot more reviews to come! I have just started reading Herc by Phoenicia Rogerson which is completely different to Lies We Sing, but just as exciting and engaging.

If you like Greek reimaginings, complicated love-triangles, and stories following multiple, conflicting protagonists, you will really enjoy this novel.


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