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It's Up to Us

As COP26 reaches the end of its first week it's important to remember that climate change isn't just a buzz topic for November. Long term changes are needed to protect the planet, some of which can start at home.

Earlier this month we were gifted a copy of It's Up to Us, which is a book based on the Terra Carta - a roadmap to sustainability issued by HRH The Prince of Wales, which urges corporations to put the health of Nature, People and the Planet at the heart of their activities.

It's Up to Us features an impressive list of collaborators, from the forward by HRH The Prince of Wales, to the 33 internationally acclaimed illustrators who fill its pages with colour, life and beauty.

Beginning with an overview of the magnificence of the natural world, It's Up to Us then explored the negative impact humans are having on the planet and the causes of climate changes, before ending in manifesto-styled chapter filled with things young readers can do to make a change for good.

The details on climate change are really clear and easy to understand, making this book accessible to young readers who might be hearing the terms for the first time. But there's also plenty to engage slightly older readers too, with the final page in particular giving them a lot to think about.

I love the fact that this book uses so many different illustrators - every page is unique and engages readers in different ways. It's a true celebration of art and style. Everyone will have their favourites, but there isn't a disappointing spread in the whole book.

Everything about this book feels lovely - from the gently textured front cover to the time that has clearly been taken over its design. The back pages feature a list of the illustrators with brief biographies for each, and the text of the Terra Carta. I also love that this book is printed on recycled paper and makes its carbon credentials clear on the back cover, ensuring that you can enjoy It's Up to Us without worrying that your book about climate change is itself negatively impacting the Earth!

It's Up to Us is written by Christopher Lloyd and illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini (UK), Harmony Becker (USA), Wesley Bedrosian (USA), Sally Caulwell (Republic of Ireland), Rauìl Coloìn (USA), Reza Dalvand (Iran), Owen Davey (UK), Sally Deng (USA), Paolo Domeniconi (Italy), Leah Dorion (Canada), Blak Douglas (Australia), Barry Falls (Northern Ireland), Victoria Fomina (Russia), Gunnella (Iceland), Nick Hayes (UK), Kumiko Horibe (Japan), ISOL (Argentina), SuJung Jang (UK), Murat Kalkavan (Turkey), Gwen Keraval (France), Ye Luying (China), Esteliì Meza (Mexico), Poonam Mistry (UK), Rutu Modan (Israel), Musa Omusi (Kenya), Nick Sharratt (UK), Peter Sis (USA), Sydney Smith (Canada), Vanina Starkoff (Brazil), Fotini Tikkou (Greece), Luisa Uribe (Colombia) and Quang & Lien (Vietnam).

Thank you so much What on Earth Books for sending us a copy to review


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