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Is It Christmas Yet?

Christmas is coming and one little bear is getting very excited (sound like anyone you know?!) He's chosen a (very big) tree, wrapped up the presents and baked a cake, creating a lot of mess and festive chaos along the way! Finally everything is ready but it's still not quite Christmas. There's one more thing this sleepy little bear needs to do.

This is a book a lot of parents and young children will be able to relate to. There's so much to enjoy in the run up to Christmas, but sometimes when you're little the wait can feel endless and perfect festive moments aren't always as magical (or social media worthy) as you want them to be. But with a bit of tape and laughter, these two bears are soon making the most of their time together.

This story is so sweet and its new board book format makes it easy for the littlest of book fans to enjoy. We like the bright, warm colours and busy pages, and so many moments made me smile. It's a wonderful Christmas treat.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending us a copy to review.

Is It Christmas Yet? is written and illustrated by Jane Chapman


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