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Into the Wild

I first had a peak at the story last year at the NFP blogger event, and it's so lovely to see that it's finally out in the world!

Roman is a wanderer. From sandy shores to wild woods, there is no where Roman wouldn't dare to venture. But around the next bend, perhaps he will make a discovery even more precious.

Into the Wild is a lovely picture book which celebrates the outside world and spending time outdoors. It marvels in the small wonders of nature, but the overall theme of the story is even more important: every explorer needs a friend by their side, to share their adventures with.

It's a perfect spring story for out door adventurers. Armstrong's illustrations bring Roman's world to life in a riot of colour, detail and fun.

Thank you New Frontier Publishing for sending me a copy of Into the Wild to review

Into the Wild is written by Robert Vescio and illustrated by Mel Armstrong


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