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I'm Sorry

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Swoop and Scribble are the best of friends, but when they move in together, communication issues lead to arguments and it looks like their friendship may come to an end. Scribble knows the important word he needs to say is 'sorry' but he quickly discovers that saying sorry only helps if you mean it.

This story covers so many relevant themes for young children: saying sorry, learning to share, making up with friends, and the importance of clear communication. It is also a really lovely story, with sweet, relatable characters, which children will enjoy without feeling as though they are being 'taught'.

I'm Sorry would work very well in an early years setting and also made a soothing bedtime story at home.

I was sent a copy of I'm Sorry as a hardback last year, and am reposting this review to celebrate its release in paperback.

I'm Sorry is written by Barry Timms and illustrated by Sean Julian


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