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How to Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto

Today is my stop on the blog tour for How to Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto - the perfect book for space-loving children whose grown-ups can't let Pluto's planetary status go. And even if you are happy to accept that Pluto is no longer in the planets' gang, there's still so much to enjoy in this brilliant non-fiction book. I learnt so much from reading it, and spent an enjoyable few hours doing so.

The tone and voice are great, which I think is what made this book such a hit with my seven year old, who read it in a day. It went all around the house with her and even on a car trip-she just didn't want to stop reading. And she's remembered so many of the facts since finishing, so it was a day well spent.

Aaron Blecha's artwork is great. It adds a lot of humour and helps to make the scientific explanations as clear as possible.

The whole book was really easy to follow and made a comprehensive argument - you couldn't possibly finish and still want to argue for Pluto's planetary status. It is a really enjoyable, educational non-fiction book and I would definitely recommend it for young space fans.

I asked my daughter for a mini review. This is what she said:

It tells you lots about how some planets were found and what Pluto is like compared to other dwarf planets and why it was called Pluto. It's good if your parents or teachers still think Pluto is a planet. It tells you lots and lots. It was funny and it had a lot of fun facts. I liked the pictures.

Thank you so much Britannica Books for letting us be part of the tour for this great book. You can check out last weeks stops at Inclusive Children's Books and Book Bound. The tour continues this week at My Shelves are Full, Edspire and Scope for Imagination.


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