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How to be a Hero

Whetstone dreams of fame and glory, but through less heroic means than some of his fellow Vikings... He plans to follow in the footsteps of his mentor Light Finger and become a thief Vikings will sing about for years.

Lotta is a third class Valkyrie in danger of failing her exams. Her horse hates her, epic poetry puts her in a muddle and she can't turn into a beautiful swan. She has one final chance to avoid failure: bring a hero back to the halls of Valhalla. But what's worse than bringing a non-hero back to Asgard? A non-hero who isn't even dead...

How to Be a Hero is full of brilliant characters and unlikely heroes. Whetstone seems to travel from one disaster to the next and Lotta was superb. I knew from the first moment I heard about this book that I would love it, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

How to be a Hero has a bit of everything: dragons, misbehaving gods and a very chatty cup! It was a really interesting opening to an exciting and different series.

Katie Kear's illustrations are a brilliant addition to the text and I can't wait to see the full set in the finished copy

This story is perfect for fans of mythology, Percy Jackson, Who Let the Gods Out, or How to Train Your Dragon.

Cat Weldon's brilliantly funny and fast-paced MG debut shows that anyone can be a hero. I'm excited to find out what Whetstone and Lotta get up to next.


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