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Her Dark Wings

Reeling from the death of her former best friend, passionate gardener Corey finds herself drawn towards the Underworld, home to the captivating Furies and a dark, enticing god. But could she ever feel at home in a land where nothing grows?

I knew I had to read this as soon as it was announced and Her Dark Wings surpassed my every expectation. I couldn't put it down. Melinda Salisbury offers a unique take on the Persephone myth that will keep readers gripped from page one.

Her Dark Wings is steeped in mythology, with plenty of technical terms and names, but still has a very modern feel. This is Greek myth in the twenty first century, and it works SO well. The novel focuses on Underworld deities rather than the full Olympic pantheon and makes brilliant use of the friction between the old gods and the new. There are a few characters whose links to the gods are never fully explained (or at least named) but with a little bit of mythological knowledge, readers will be keen to guess at who they might be.

Salisbury's writing is beautiful. I loved the use of plants and growth woven throughout this novel, providing a gentle nod to Persephone's role as the goddess of spring.

Her Dark Wings also explores the simmering tension that can exist in female friendships. This is a story about what happens when 'best friends forever' grows sour, and the devastating grief of lost friendship. I loved that Corey isn't a perfect protagonist - she has dark thoughts and makes choices she later regrets as she learns who she is and who she wants to be. Her Dark Wings is a novel which explores growth both in the natural world and within ourselves. It is beautiful and I can't recommend it enough.

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