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Gwen and Art Are Not In Love

A fun, queer YA romance with a very different storyline to the traditional enemies-to-lovers plot the title suggests.

Gwen and Art have been betrothed since infancy, but they are definitely not in love. In fact, they can't stand each other. Art thinks Gwen is an entitled princess, and Gwen is fed up with what she perceives as Art's cruelty. As a royal jousting competition, and their impending nuptials, force them together, can they find any common ground before they kill each other? And do either of them stand a chance of finding love (with ANYONE other than each other)?

This novel had great characters, great relationships, and plenty of twists and drama. I especially loved Art and Sidney's interactions.

I enjoyed the small nods to the Arthur myth, but - once again subverting our expectations - this is not a retelling, as you might expect from the really clever title.

Gwen and Art are not in love was refreshingly fun and laugh out loud funny.


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