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Kessen kills gods.

Inara is joined to one.

Elo needs a god to save his best friend's life.

Skedi is a little god of white lies who wants to be free.

All four come together on a pilgrimage to a forbidden city filled with the ghosts of long-forgotten deities, on quests which threaten the fabric of their kingdom.

Godkiller is a fantasy novel filled with brilliant twists. It had a clever plot, as well as superb world building and plenty of action.

Through Kessen's dark past, Inara and Skedi's bond and Eli's mission, it explored our complex relationship with religion, examining themes of sacrifice, faith and power.

It was also filled with delicious descriptions of food and baking - which is always a huge bonus for me! Elo the baker-knight was a brilliant character, and a balance to prickly, unpredictable Kessen. I also loved the complex bond between Inara and Skedi, which had plenty of unexpected twists as the novel progressed. Godkiller is not to be missed!

I was provided with an advanced copy for review via netgalley (but I now need to buy a physical copy with that stunning front cover!)


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