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Far Away Granny and Hop Lola Hop

These two very different picture books, published by Little Steps this month, are lots of fun.

Far Away Granny is a beautiful celebration of the connections we can still have with relatives who live far away from us, especially when our main form of connection is through a screen. I really loved this story's sweet message and the wonderful relationship the little girl has with her 'far away Granny'. It's a perfect story for families who live far apart and don't get to meet in person as often as they might like.

Hop Lola Hop is a good story for a child who has ever lost a favourite toy, helping them to imagine the adventures they might be going on without them. When Lolo the bunny is bored one morning, she decides to set off on her own, but at the end of a busy and sometimes scary day, she makes sure to come home to the little girl who loves her.

Thank you Little Steps Publishing for sending us copies of these to review.

Far Away Granny is written by Harriet Cuming and illustrated by Angela Perrini

Hop Lola Hop is written by Kathy Urban and illustrated by Siski Kalla


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