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Eureka! A Big Book of Discoveries

Eureka! Is packed with brilliant facts to keep little minds entertained and learning.

We've been dipping in and out of this and exploring one topic at a time. It's really useful for all those "why" and "what" questions young children are fond of springing on you to test your knowledge! The illustrations are great too - and came in handy when my daughter started asking about what the earth was made of. The clear, child-friendly diagram made a lot more sense to her than my explanation and I discovered that our understanding of the Earth's core has moved on a bit since I went to school!

Eureka covers so many topics. From fake dinosaur discoveries to the lost world's of ancient civilisations, the search for life in the deep ocean to the furthest reaches of space. The is something to intrigue and entertain everyone in this fascinating book.

It also celebrates the people who made the wonderful discoveries inside it - often 'against the odds' as the double page spread devoted to highlighting key female figures highlights - and also points out when European explorers have claimed credit for 'discovering' places already well known to local people.

The last page encourages readers to go out and make their own discoveries, showing that, from start to finish, Eureka! is an inspirational non-fiction book that celebrates the limitless possibilities of the unknown.

Thank you Little Tiger for sending me a copy to review.

Eureka! is written by Jonathan Litton and illustrated by Wenjia Tang


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